Raw Art Warriors-Foundations of Boxing Workshop

 Weekend Workshop for boxers, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts

with me and my team


Shropshire – Farm Stay near Shrewsbury

Anywhere – We can come to you (TBA)

Boxing Foundations Course

(Theory & Practical)

  • The reason behind writing the program

  • Program Design

  • Instructing the program (as trainer)

  • Form, pacing, periodization

  • Mental preparation BOXING:

    (Theory & Practical)

  • Competitive vs Fitness Boxing

  • Biomechanics of the Body for Boxing

  • Full Foundations Course

  • Pad work Course

  • Bag work Workshop

  • Technical Sparring Workshop

  • Circuit Training – Planning, executing 



 (Theory & Practical)

  • The Power in food

  • Sourcing the healthiest food

  • Food preparation

  • Menu planning

  • Cooking power meals

  • Weight Gain and Loss techniques



 (Theory & Practical)

  • The Elite Champion Mindset

  • Owning the Mind of the Elite

  • Mastering Courage and Determination

  • Overcoming Fear

  • The Seven Ps

  • The Energy of Words

  • Living As You


This course has been designed for trainers, coaches, volunteers and those willing to learn more about the correlation of the mind and body through the art of boxing. We limit each course to ten attendees so we can focus on passing on our knowledge in an intimate setting.

Boxing is Denny’s life. His mind is never far away from boxing on any given day. From the foundation of boxing, he believes we can find our true selves, without fear and doubt. In his 2008 eBook Fighting Your Demons, subheading is “Mastering the Courage to Live with Grace”. He believes through boxing; we can all achieve this. The emphasis on his course is awareness to the biomechanics to the body, rhythm, breathing techniques and discipline. You will receive a copy of the 2022 version of Fighting Your Demons and the Bible of Boxing- The Foundations-Volume 1 and training programs. You will also take away the workout programs you can use with your clients or indeed to for yourself.

Nutrition is vital to the success of any boxer and athlete. Performance can be debilitated when the wrong energy source is ingested. For athletes and goal setters, nutrition plays a big part in the energy the participant has prior, during, and post workout. In this module we learn about habits, traps, excuses, dodgy diets, and how a lack of education causes bad decisions. By the end of the nutrition module, you will know how to avoid all of these and be able to gather healthy food and cook like a chef.

Being motivated to do workouts can be a long slog for people when they lack a reason. This module focusses on identifying weakness and implementing change. The mindset module will empower you to be able to identify weakness, fear, insecurity, and anxiety in yourself and others while focusing on remedies. This course is designed to bring you into the mindset of elite warriors and champions.

This boxing workshop/retreat focusses on the mind, body and nutrition as well as understanding how the body moves throughout each punch, bob and weave, power shots and all the other great stuff you learn as a career boxer. After this course you will understand all the fundamentals, which Denny calls the foundations, of boxing, nutrition, mental well-being and planning a training camp.






CPR Weights Workouts

Weight Training

This should keep you busy for a few weeks.

I have used this myself when hitting the gym. While on this rotation, I would train three days in a row, and take one day of rest. Working on my chest and back one day, biceps triceps the next and the legs and abs on the third day. I may do this for two or three weeks and then change it up.

You may ask why there is no shoulder exercises in this routine? That is because of two things. The first is that I do A LOT of boxing and feel my shoulders are strong, and second, each of these upper body exercises incorporates A LOT of shoulders. 

Enjoy and as always, take your time and study the form from the links provided.

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RAW CPR 20202 - Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit Training - 2020


As a young marine, I quickly learned that circuit training is the best way to get fit and strong. The British commandos use circuit training all the way through their commando training course. They purposely raise the recruits fitness level getting them into peak condition, over nine months, so they can tackle the gruelling commando course.


Anyone can do circuits almost anywhere. In your home, a hotel room, parks, the beach, or the desert, the snow, in the rain and anywhere, and under any conditions.

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Population Control - The Devils Evil Plan

Population Control - The Devils Plan Is Going Well

I wrote this October 2019.

An “almighty spin” has been launched onto the whole world and the masses can’t see it, nor are they willing to believe that their leaders would do such a thing. Through all of the confusion and fighting amongst political parties, there is a another agenda, outside politics, but ruling the politicians every move. With wars, poverty, famine and chaos as their main weapons, the world doesn’t stand a chance. 
If peace was on the agenda of the elite, we would have achieved it by now in 2019.

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