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In our current day and age there is a serious problem facing the natural Alpha Male. Former military, sportsmen, fathers, brothers and sons have nowhere to turn to when their world falls apart. We have the answer... join our community and revive the spirit of the alpha male with truth, readjustments and a plan.

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The RAW MC was founded in Australia in 2011 by Denny and Lisa Denholm. They'd teamed up to form Extreme OMG Fitness and corporate training events in Brisbane and after only two years, they decided it was time to take a leap of faith and take their ideas and dreams to the international stage.


Denny, also a professional boxing coach, and war veteran, was looking to bring boxing to the forefront of their endeavours. As a former Royal Marine Commando, he was determined to bring the commando spirit to everything he and Lisa were doing. When they were looking for a name for the new concept he started with RMC, then came Raw, then the idea of a private Members Club, and with Lisa, they spent the next two months working out where the Art and Warriors would fit in.


Lisa, an artists (painter) and Denny, a warrior, you'd have thought they'd have came up with the concept sooner.Yet, it took them two years before the penny dropped and they'd already trained hundreds of people as Extreme OMG. They had the Raw, they had the members club, but at the time the word raw was everywhere and a business with the name raw in it was already taken as was all the website address. One day, whilst out surfing, they had an epiphanyLisa, paddled over to Denny and said, "Hey, i was thinking about what RAW means as an acronym. We keep Raw, and I'm and artist, and you're a warrior, so we are the RAW ART WARRIORS!! We have to keep our system and mindset of training private, so we are the Raw Art Warriors Members Club!" Denny sat up on his board shouting, "Fucking hell, that's still the RMC and we can keep the RAW! You're a genius baby!!"


The rest is history and in 2010 the Raw Art Warriors Members Club was founded and by 2011 the RAW MC was operational in SE Asia and for the next ten years Denny and Lisa taught boxing to thousands of clients from all over the world on the small paradise island in Thailand called Koh Tao. 


NOW... IN 2023the POWER COUPLE are in the UK launching their ONLINE TRAINING packages and running events all over the country!


They are RAW, they are ARTISTS, they are WARRIORS and they are dedicated to bringing their knowledge to the world, ONE PUNCH AT A TIME!!

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