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Master the art of Our Forefathers

I wrote Fighting Your Demons as a project to settle myself back into society after five years serving in Iraq. My roles there were Head of Security for the Iraqi Government 2004-6 and I operated a Bodyguard School in Baghdad for Iraqi's. 

When I returned I wanted to capture the leader I had become the many points of view that I had then also and my own attitude to the new, life changing adventure. As life threw obstacles and so many, everyday drama's, I soon learnt that being a civilian was as vicious as being at war. 

This book is the first book in my series which secures a positive champion mindset. No matter who is fighting with you, no matter what is screaming in your head, there is always an action to take that secures having a Great Life. 

Who is the book for

This eBook is for those who are willing to examine themselves and change what it is that is holding you back in life. Sometimes it is just a quiet reminder we need to step out of fear and into champion.

Fighting Your Demons is a book that will instantly awaken the inner warrior within you and assist you to be brave enough to go for your dreams and change everything you don’t like about yourself. It will also give you the power to enhance what you like about yourself and give you the wisdom to know why people like you…or not.

Fighting Your Demons offers great advice on how to overcome fear, be self-motivated and much more to keep you on track to your own personal goals and to keep you on that road to glory.

  • Be Inspired By One Of Life’s Most Extraordinary Characters
  • Learn How To Be Tough & Confident Understand Your Full Potential.
  • Learn How To Motivate Yourself
  • Step Out From The Rest Of Your Competition
  • Supercharge Your Knowledge and Wisdom Beyond Belief
  • Change is important…but don’t wait until someone else changes you
  • Take steps towards reaching your own destiny and strive to be one of the people in this world who don’t need to shout about how great they are, or feel that you have to bully your way to success.

From the Author

I found boxing when I was eleven years old. Since then it has never been too far from my life and thoughts. By the time I was thirty-six I had spent most of my life in the military and the dreams of being a world champion were long gone.

At that time of my life, I decided to leave the armed services and start afresh in an industry that I still had the passion for. I saw my new life as a blank canvas and with each stroke of luck, disappointment and some splatters of heartbreak in my personal life; I fell even more deeply in love with boxing. Being back in boxing gyms and being around boxing warriors again awoke the person I was as a young kid dreaming of being a world champion. Only this time it was not my dream this time, it was the dream of everyone else and it was my job to make sure they don't lose their focus on that goal.

I knew it was imperative that I surrounded my self with positive and highly motivated people. Some gyms were full of egos and wannabe’s but that’s not the case in a boxing gym, there is no time for ego because you are training to fight and win, not look good. That comes with the hard work for sure but not why we are there.

Back then I was fat, unfit and just back from five years in Iraq. I was at the top of my career, but at the bottom of the fitness ladder. I had to learn how to cook nutritious meals; drink things I couldn’t believe tasted so bad, and forced myself to go to the gym (under my house), every day, twice a day as well as boxing. Six weeks later I was as chirpy as I was when I was twenty.

Boxing training is complex.

To be able to flawlessly move your body in ways to create maximum force is not easy, and if you can do it well, you will lose energy really fast, even for top athletes. Finding the balance of when to be powerful and also when to be light on your feet all at the same time, avoiding being hit is no easy task. Especially when the person in front of you wants to make you pay for every mistake you make.

By learning how to box, you are learning how to become sharp and a quick-thinking warrior. The only consequence of that process is that you become extremely fit in the process.

There is a big difference from someone hitting the bag for a half hour and a boxer working the bag for two or three hours and never getting bored. That’s the difference between the champion attitude and everyone else.

The Raw Art Warriors Bible of Boxing was written with multi-dimensional intentions. First and most important; I wrote these books with deliberate, simple language so that each of them can be interpreted by anyone. Each of the complex movements of each punch and footwork has been broken down into baby steps so that the brain can comprehend where and why your feet need to be where they are to create maximum force.

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