That woman; the mother of infants with their first steps and dirty nappies, school runs and teenage tears, no longer memories I can allow in. In one form or another, I was to be forever changed by those that once loved me as their Goddess. It is only now, all these years later, and I can see how much I have grown that I can now be grateful to them for the journey I have found myself on.

I guess the million-dollar question is, how did I, and still do in this day deal with my grief? And more importantly, how did I manage through all of that pain and distress become grateful? To be fair, I didn’t go lightly into this whole idea that from great grief comes great strength. When I was in the most pain I thought that was a load of crap and went in kicking and screaming.

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It has been nearly 2 years since anything has been written here. A hiatus from writing was recommended by a dear friend and willingly I relinquished the quill. There are many reasons but the root of it is, I have been frozen in fear. This fear has been an accumulation of grief over a long period of time that is now being given it’s walking papers as it’s time to move on from my past. 

To be fair, if you were to meet me you would not see any deep dark scars or external damage in any shape or form. There is a certain pride and ego in letting others think you have it all together, and so perhaps, I have done you a disservice in only showing you my outward exterior, because I make pain look positive, happy even carefree.

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The Top 10 Reasons How Boxing can make you Rich

1.Learning something new everyday, Priceless!

A boxer is constantly growing the knowledge of his/her skill set. Everyday is a new day to learn techniques or perfect old ones. Think of boxing as a chess game, braninpower is required just as equally as being able to hit. In the sweet science brain power is wealth.

2. Self Defense saved my wallet.

Boxing teaches us self defense and preaches that the first rule of any self defense is to not be there. This combination of wit and reflexes allows us to be the calm in conflicting situations and be aware of your opponents next move.  If your opponent in this situation is a thug, you’ll have the smarts and the back up to react accordingly, hence saving your wallet from being snatched or paying to get out of jail.

3.A worldwide Community at your fingertips, you can’t put a price on that!

Once a boxer always a boxer, walk in to any boxing club around the world and you are met with a community from all walks of life sharing one common interest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Doctor, a Dive Master or a business owner, on the matts we are all one.   Priceless!

4. “If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything’. Chuck Pagano

As a Coach I see many talented athletes as well as clients sweat it out on my matts and all of them have related the fitness training back to their daily lives.  They are more focused, high energy, positive and making better choices thru the day because of it.  This leads to success in so many other areas of their lives, from love to wealth, without your health you’ve got nothing baby.

5.Cheaper than a Tinder date!

Meet the love of your life on the matts, set up a boxing session to see how you each handle the session.  Share the experience over a smoothie at the end of it.  Think of all the money you will save on dinner, drinks and that awkward Taxi home in the morning…

6. Self Confidence bank deposit.

We can all use a huge lump sum of self  confidence  deposited into our life accounts. Self confidence means self belief and believing in ones value equals success.  Change your world one punch at a time.

7. Switching old routines, like the Friday afternoon drinking hole and investing that money in you. 

We are all creatures of habit and breaking routine with the familiar habits, but not necessarily good habits is difficult.  Especially when your one drink after work consistantly turns into a tab you can’t remember.

Investment tip: Time to invest your hard earned cash in you and take that tab to the gym.

8. Admiration from your family and peers. 

You are their inspiration to break old habits, get fit with you or if anything be the reality check they needed.  Boxing may not be their choice however don’t let that frustrate you, not everyone sees the big picture like you do. To have helped someone by purely your actions is a rare and priceless gift.

9.Damn your looking fit!!

Did I mention that thru the process of all this wealth and growth thru the Sweet Science of Boxing, you also get one hell of a fit body.  It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as the fitter you get, the better food choices you are making, the less time you spend on your ass watching Instagram stories and the end result is, ka ching!!  More moola can be spent getting more training gear.

10. ..The Big Finale…And this one is the Gold Buillion of Boxing Wealth

An Attitude Revolution in your mindset, in your focus and awareness of who you are and where your going and that my friend is worth all it’s weight in gold.


The Warrior Creed, doctrine of a fighter.

The warrior is strong, yet his sleep is fragile. His wisdom, an amalgamation of precedent, yet his decisions cannot be based on the frailties of man. He is rather fuelled by divine inspiration ascending from the heart. He knows not anger and only fears the unknown.

The warrior does not judge, for his true assignment is to deliver evidence of superior behaviour to the creator of all men.

The warrior does not dream of frontiers. He only sees horizons.

The warrior is a creature of irony, for his genuine task is to ensure peace.

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Are you ready to rumble in the jungle?

Well are you?  And don’t look to your left or right…I’m asking you directly, ‘are YOU ready to rumble in the jungle?’

What it is exactly that you need to be ready for is yours and yours alone. If you were standing in front of me however,  I profoundly would exclaim, ‘Get Ready for Your Life baby, life!!!

We have a ritual on our matts. Our preparation begins with putting on your hand wraps, then grabbing your space in the gym to warmup, which consists of  3 x 3 minute rounds of skipping/ shadowboxing or on the bike.  The Warm Up is the most important stage of training and the Raw Art Warriors view this as the focus phase, which should be meditative and relaxing.

As the boxers, competitive and not, are leaving their worries at the door and our ancient ritual allows us to become mentally and physically prepared for the session ahead. The world is a complex and complicated place where there are constant distractions, fears and temptations. We have no place for these things in our boxing gym. We rely on focus, determination, courage, self discipline and honour and respect. When the club is open and boxers present, the game is on. 

It’s that fortitude of mind, body and spirit that we need to be READY.

Life doesn’t miss any of us, good or bad, and it’s a lot easier dealing with situations as they appear than worry about them potentially arriving. 



Are you Ready to get up and be there for you?

Are you Ready to face yourself in the mirror and make peace with the opponent you see?

Are you Ready for a change out of your comfort zone?



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