From Ancient Greece to 2020 - The Keto Diet - Is It Good or Bad?

A few friends have asked me what my opinion was to the Keto diet. To be honest, I heard about it many years ago and recognised the name, but hadn’t yet dug in deep to see what it was all about. So, for the last week I have been looking into it. I found that the Keto Diet is steeped in history, which dates back to Ancient Greece and helps reduce and/or cure epilepsy. You may also have heard of intermittent fasting too which is closely linked to the research of Keto. 

Before we start, I just wanted to give you a little backstory of the first time I found out that food is the fuel. There are a lot of dangerous practices out there, so much misinformation and total lies it’s hard to understand what your body needs to thrive.

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Are You a Reactionary Talker in 2020

 They say’ is often a great liar.” ~ Proverb

Here's some food for thought for you. Are you a person who listens or a person who always talks?

Have you ever been telling a story that you heard from someone else and to your horror the person you are talking to was there and your story was found to be lies?

When you think you know something, realise you only know your part of the story.

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Courage - You Have What It Takes

 Excerpt from Fighting Your Demons 2020 edition 

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”  (Mohammed Ali)

Courage, Determination, and Will

These three words hold the keys to all personal power. When you can understand these words and see how much of each you have in your life, you will be able to conquer anything you want. You will be unstoppable, sensational, and masterful. All three qualities complement each other perfectly, and when they work in unison, you have the ingredients for greatness. Let’s break them down, understand what they mean, and see how we can get more of in our lives.

We can also describe courage as bravery, valour, guts, nerve, fearlessness, and spirit, to mention but a few. It means having the spirit to do new things and stepping up to the mark when challenged. When you master your courage, you can recognise fear and go forth to meet it head on.

Regarding boxing and boxing training, you will need loads of courage—especially if you are going to get in the boxing ring and battle for glory. Even getting to a boxing gym to start your training can take a great deal of courage. Hey, even just getting off your butt and doing some training will take loads of courage for some people.

There are an enormous number of reasons that people will lack the courage actually to get training. The fear of having to change or even going into an environment where you start off being one of the least fit or coordinated people in the gym can be too daunting.

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The Benefits of Boxing Training for Older Adults

In the boxing gym we know the benefits and need not remind ourselves too much. However, for those who have yet to experience the boxing family, I highly recommend every man, woman and child get amongst it in your local community. in this video we have attached we interview Pedro (61) and Billy (47) who have been boxing training with the RAW MC for a while now. Each progressing at their own pace, but loving every minute of it.

Boxing training is a challenge for anyone. Getting out and learning how to box like Pedro at the age of 61 is rare, but not unheard of. During a hectic lifestyle as a scuba instructor, he knows the balance that is required to keep in the game, which is predominately overrun with young people. Billy us an underwater filmmaker and photographer and has been using boxing training to keep himself strong physically and mentally. 

We could go on and on why this is the best training in the world, but the video says it all...

Here's the link: Three Wise Men Talk Boxing Training in 2019




That woman; the mother of infants with their first steps and dirty nappies, school runs and teenage tears, no longer memories I can allow in. In one form or another, I was to be forever changed by those that once loved me as their Goddess. It is only now, all these years later, and I can see how much I have grown that I can now be grateful to them for the journey I have found myself on.

I guess the million-dollar question is, how did I, and still do in this day deal with my grief? And more importantly, how did I manage through all of that pain and distress become grateful? To be fair, I didn’t go lightly into this whole idea that from great grief comes great strength. When I was in the most pain I thought that was a load of crap and went in kicking and screaming.

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