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Although the Raw Art Warriors are personal trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches, they specialise in boxing. Coach Denny Denholm entered his first boxing gym when he was 11-years-old and has been passionate about the Art of Boxing, the Sweet Science ever since. He will tell you when you meet him, there is a profound difference between the ART of the Sweet Science and the SPORT of Boxing. 

The ART is for everyone and the SPORT for those who have the courage, determination and the will to compete. The sport of boxing takes a unique character and should never be taken for granted that just because someone boxes, that they are in the competitive sport. The commitment is worlds apart and should never be mistaken, mixed up, or assumed that because someone has learned the art of boxing, they can compete with one who has trained for the sport. That's one sure way of getting hurt and in the RAW ART WARRIORS, will never happen.

When you learn the FOUNDATIONS of the ART of BOXING in the RAW ART WARRIORS boxing club you learn the foundations of the art, the sport, the training, and the mindset. We delve deep into the bio-mechanics of the body movement, the rhythm, the breathing, the art of being punched, the art of punching another human, and the difference between a power shot with intent to knock out, to the reasoning of flick shots, or a dummy, designed merely to cast a thought in your opponent. 

Coach Denny tells us he is still learning after 40 years. He says, "Every person we train has a unique mindset, a body that will need to be trained differently, courage that only they can tap into, and to find that, we will have to dig deep into our own skill set to find. Never stop learning, never stop being willing to learn, and we will always serve our fighters, and fitness enthusiasts well."

That sums up who we are as boxing trainers.

The RAW Trainers



The ART of Personal Training is written in the name. It's personal and that is why it costs more than a gym membership and gym classes. If all you want is to have a trainer stand with you in the gym to motivate you to do more, or less, depending on who you are is NOT what the R.A.W. PTs are about, nor will we ever agree to be such trainer's. Coach Denny and Lisa are experienced trainers who between them have trained thousands of clients ranging from rockstars to Olympians, world champions, to movies stars, to moms, dads, brothers and sisters. No matter who they have been training, the standard is the same.

They get to know your medical background, your goals, motivations, and take the time to get to know what derails you from your best self and hold you accountable to being your better self. All before working out your strength and weaknesses in your body and creating the best plan for you to be that better self. That is who and what a PT should be all about and if your experience hasn't been that, then I hope you quickly got rid of them and found yourself a true fitness professional. Also, if you think that one day with a PT will fix all your problems you're dreaming. To build a trusting relationship with your trainer takes time, to get results takes time, to be awesome, even more awesome than you are today takes time. So set aside at least two days a week, for at least a couple of months, and get serious about being strong and reaching goals

Another thing! Make sure your trainer is a qualified PT or Strength and Conditioning Coach because there are a lot of people out there who have been into a sport for a period of time and been trained by qualified fitness professionals who think they know how. In my experience that leads to a nightmare situation. There are morals, ethics, professionalism, privacy and of course the physical aspects, the emotional, the spiritual that need to be taken into consideration. Just because someone has a good body, doesn't mean they know how to help you get one. It's worth spending a bit more to get a real, professional trainer, who has experience that you can find out about easily. Would you take your favourite pet to a vets who just opened up a makeshift surgery in a carpark? Then why would you hand your temple over to someone who didn't put the time, money and effort in to make sure you were safe? 

Strength and Conditioning 

Message from Denny

When I was young, we knew about weight training, but never did it. We knew about weight gyms, but could never afford it. Then, I joined the Royal Marines and even though everyone of the marines I knew in training, were fit as fiddles, no one had the time to go to the gym. The training program was all about aerobic and anaerobic exercises in the first few months and then heavy loads in the final few months. What I didn't realise was that we were being strengthened and conditioned for the final two weeks of the training program so that we could perform our final exercise and Commando Tests. Genius, although, there were many bodies who couldn't handle the pace, the weight, or the trauma. So was it genius, or just brutal and only doable by a few? The latter is sadly what I surmised because in the later years I would study how the body moves and how we can improve strengthening and conditioning it for maximum results. Battering it day after day doesn't work long term.

One of the most enlightening set of courses I ever did was the certs for strength and conditioning. Taking the time to understand how the body works, new ways to develop strength for power, speed and agility. How to slowly build the fibres required to perform slow and fast twitch fibre activities like football, rugby, boxing and long distance running. I had the great opportunity to work with mentors from all over the world and still, to this day, am fascinated how it all works in sync with the mind. All of my boxers and PT clients workouts are designed through the Strength and Conditioning programming. 



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