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Why Boxing ?

Strength and Cardio

The Raw Art Warrior mission is focussed on improving our fighters strength and cardiovascular systems. We do this on a daily basis by including HIIT and TABATA circuits mainly utilising bodyweight exercise, kettlebells and other equipment in our boxing Club. We also get outside and go for runs, sprint circuits and use the local hills to burst our lungs and improve our stamina and endurance. 

Its A State of mind

There can be no denying that boxing is a physical challenging sport and it takes a lot of training and conditioning to get your body into shape for a fight. However, in the end, when the time comes to fight and you are as fit as you can be, well trained, and know lots of techniques and combinations - if your head is not in the game, you will struggle to succeed. It takes years to prepare a boxers mind for combat. Some professional boxing coaches say that the fight game is as much as 80% a mind game. The Raw Art Warriors agree with that 100% and to avoid the traps we have 3 RULES:

Rule 1: NO EGO - 2: No Complaining - 3: Pay Your Fees On Time.

Keeping your mind in the game means, losing your ego, never complain when things are hard, always look for solutions, and be respectful to your coaches and club. Obviously, pay your fees on time is imperative to ensure our club survives the test of time.

In short... Be respectful, loyal and don't think you are better, or worse than anyone else.


A good boxing club is a positive hub for the local community which is open to all ages to come in and strengthen your body and mind. Not all who are members in a boxing club want to fight and are in there to keep their body and mind sharp. This mix of fighters and fitness enthusiasts builds our community and supporters. 

Our Raw Art Warriors take great pride in the international community we have built over the last ten years. We started out in Australia, then to Thailand and now are in the UK. We have NO FIXED ABODE and are available all year round to run FOUNDATION COURSES at our HQ in the Midlands, or in a gym, or location near you.  

Our Community gets stronger every year and we have members from every continent in the world. Our MISSION is to share our knowledge wherever that is needed.

We have no borders, we are RAW!

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