Attitude Revolution

We are the brink of WWIII and even the strongest and most bravest of men and women fear the future. Denny Denholm is a former Royal Marine Commando, Boxing Coach, Author, Mentor and the former Head of Security of the Iraqi Government from early 2004 until late 2006 who doesn't. His experiences throughout his life led him through many trials and tribulations but throughout them all, it is his Attitude that saved him and many others. This is a book designed to empower the reader to become a leader in their own life and has been written from a man tasked to keep thousands of people safe and succeeded through war. Now, he reaches out to the world calling for a Revolution of personal attitudes in the hope to keep peace in the community.


  • The Big Boss

    “Denny , with you as a former Royal Marine and me and my Dad as former Paratroopers , I can only say that I have no issues at all with your philosophy . I think that the only obstacle is individuals taking the actual RESPONSIBILITY to act accordingly”

    …a former Brigadier General of the British Army, who served with both The Parachute Regiment and the Royal Marines , worked with Denny in the Middle East and can only admire the credo outlined. (identity protected for security reasons)

  • Santa Claus

    Member of North Pole City Council, Alaska, USA – Child Advocate

    “I really enjoyed reading your book! Since it clearly is autobiographical, I was engaged because I already know you. People who don't already have the pleasure of knowing you may find the material overwhelming. Perhaps, the best initial markets might be the military, sports enthusiasts, religious folks, prisoners, survivors of difficult times, etc. Once you have garnered a following (direct sales, social media, etc.), that will afford you an opportunity to develop a speaking engagement routine and exposure, gaining more traction and reaching a broader audience and readership. I think you'll do well and will have managed to turn a somewhat hard life into a productive one that yields financial security and the means and time to explore additional outlets for your creativity and love for your fellow man (and woman). Thank you for letting me read your story in advance of your launch date. I expect it will go well. Blessings, Santa :-)}”

  • Dr. Lesley Perman-Kerr

    Consultant Psychologist England

    “I first met Denny a few years ago whilst working on a particularly nasty kidnap in Iraq. Denny bravely got a woman and her young children safely out of Baghdad after her husband had been murdered. This was a pivotal point in Denny’s life due mainly to the impact of witnessing the severe traumatisation of the children. It became personal and the beginning of a new journey in his life, culminating in the writing of this deeply thoughtful and insightful book. I highly recommend it”

  • Anthea Flowers

    Writer, Mother, Spiritual Warrior – Australia

    “Attitude Revolution is an intimate conversation between Denny Denholm and us, the reader. This book is a step by step guide to reclaiming yourself and living the life of your dreams. Denny has masterfully woven pieces of his story into a raw and relatable ‘how to’ guide, full of transparency, honesty and practical ways to be the change agent you need to be in your life and to ‘just get on with it’.
    Insightful and encouraging, you will be drawn in feeling as if Denny is your best friend, who only wants you to be the ultimate version of yourself that you can be.”

  • Lee Smilie

    Photographer/Author – Glasgow

    “ The Lee Smilie I was meant to be all ended when I was eight, the year the abuse started. I got put in contact with Denny from a close friend that has helped me for many a year. Since speaking to Denny and the way he put things has helped me carry on in the right direction. I might add, for me, there are not many people ready to stand up and have a voice for people who have dealt with abuse.”

  • Mr C

    Former CEO of Barclays Bank

    “I found your research and comments on religion very interesting. Bhuddhism has grown on me over the years but the rest of them seem to have been at or near the root of many of the wars around the world for many generations. The further we can push religious leaders away from political influence will make the world a safer place for us all.”

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