Here is Four TABATA circuits that will get your juices flowing...


Lunge Left Leg

Lunge Right Leg

Push Up Boxer Top

 Push Up Boxer Bottom

 Abs Side to Side

 Abs Knees

 1⁄4 Squat (with Jump for advanced)

 Push Up Full



Run On Spot

Bum Kicks

Shadow Box Straight Punches – speed

Shadow Box Uppercuts – speed

Wide Arm Push Up

Diamond Push Ups

Abs – Plank

Abs – Hands to Knees 


Touch Toes

Knee Raise

Push Up

Abs - Mountain Climber

Sprint On Spot

Lunge Left Leg 

Lunge Right Leg

Abs - Ankle Taps


Push Up (full)

Squat Thrust

1/4 Squat with Jump

Abs - Plank

Abs - Side Plank Left

Abs - Side Plank Right

Burpee with Push Up

Touch Toes


Shuttle Sprints 20m

Shadow Box Straight Punches – speed

Shadow Box Uppercuts – speed

Shuttle Sprints 20m

Push Up (full)

Mountain Climber

Shuttle Sprints 20m

Burpee with Push Up


Touch Toes

Mountain Climber 

High Knees

Push Up Full


Burpee Walkouts

1⁄4 Squat

Abs – Cycles

Warm Up

Each day take the 1st two rotations nice and steady as your warm up.

Duration: 8 minutes 

Conditioning Phase

Speed up your pace and try to push for more reps on each rotation – Aiming for 4 rotations

Duration: 16 minutes 

Cool Down

 The last 2 rotations should be back to a steady pace and is your cool down.

Duration: 8 minutes
Warm Up 8 mins - Conditioning phase 16 mins - Cool Down 8 mins = 32 minutes

Advanced Effort

If you feel that you are up to it, during the conditioning phase, try and push for 6 or 8 rotations and keep the last two for cool down. 

Catching Up or Short For Time

Do a minimum or two rotations, twice a day.

The ultimate goal is to do a minimum of four rotations each time. The same rule applies for the first two rotations - these are for warm up and the next cooling down. The amount of effort you can do inside this is up to you. Take it easy in the beginning because even though these are simple exercises, they might hurt a bit if you push too hard in the beginning.

Rotation 3 and 4 of the first TABATA should be at a higher pace than before.

For those of you who cannot find a 50-minute gap in your life, break it down, and complete at least four rotations at one time. Just four nice steady is better than none.

Please don’t ditch certain exercises to shorten the time, complete the full rotation of every exercise, so we can strengthen your full body. 


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