Mastering The Courage To Live With Grace

Fighting Your Demons is a book that will instantly awaken the inner warrior within you and assist you to be brave enough to go for your dreams and change everything you don’t like about yourself. It will also give you the power to enhance what you like about yourself and give you the wisdom to know why people like you…or not.

Fighting Your Demons offers great advice on how to overcome fear, be self-motivated and much more to keep you on track to your own personal goals and to keep you on that road to glory.

Be Inspired By One Of Life’s Most Extraordinary Characters
Learn How To Be Tough & Confident
Understand Your Full Potential
Learn How To Motivate Yourself
Step Out From The Rest Of Your Competition
Supercharge Your Knowledge and Wisdom Beyond Belief
Change is important…but don’t wait until someone else changes you.
Take steps towards reaching your own destiny and strive to be one of the people in this world who don’t need to shout about how great they are, or feel that you have to bully your way to success.


We are the brink of WWIII and even the strongest and most bravest of men and women fear the future. Denny Denholm is a former Royal Marine Commando, Boxing Coach, Author, Mentor and the former Head of Security of the Iraqi Government from early 2004 until late 2006 who doesn't. His experiences throughout his life led him through many trials and tribulations but throughout them all, it is his Attitude that saved him and many others. This is a book designed to empower the reader to become a leader in their own life and has been written from a man tasked to keep thousands of people safe and succeeded through war. Now, he reaches out to the world calling for a Revolution of personal attitudes in the hope to keep peace in the community.


This book is dedicated to my first boxing coach and biggest inspiration in boxing

Archie Mackay (RIP brother) 1957 - 2010

Welcome to the Bible of Boxing - this is my way of teaching this Great Art.

I have been active in this sport for over thirty years and am still learning new things each day. I enjoy training everyone in boxing from fitness enthusiast, amateurs and professionals alike. I believe that every man and woman should know how to defend themselves, and boxing is the foundation from where I teach that.

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