Population Control - The Devils Evil Plan

Population Control - The Devils Plan Is Going Well

I wrote this October 2019.

An “almighty spin” has been launched onto the whole world and the masses can’t see it, nor are they willing to believe that their leaders would do such a thing. Through all of the confusion and fighting amongst political parties, there is a another agenda, outside politics, but ruling the politicians every move. With wars, poverty, famine and chaos as their main weapons, the world doesn’t stand a chance. 
If peace was on the agenda of the elite, we would have achieved it by now in 2019.

With our advancements in agriculture, architecture, and social science, we could have created new cities, even countries, for the refugees across the world. There’s an abundance of land available across the globe that could have been allocated. Permanent housing could have contained the displaced souls fleeing war-torn countries, and they could have been already on the way to good health and prosperity. New nations temporarily formed, and human rights restored.
Is the answer to force “breeding nations” like India and China and others to use condoms? Through aggressive education to scare them in to stop breeding? That will never happen. Surely it is more wise to spend the trillions of pounds or dollars that goes to the war fund (a lot of it lost through corruption) to find solutions. We should prepare for these new generations that are to come, rather than planning to cull them before they are alive.

The population of our world has multiplied since time began. The world wars took the best men and women of our past generations. That did not work. Millions die and those who survive, women, wives and mothers left to fend for themselves amongst dangerous, sexual, violent predators. The good die young, and the evil lurk to feed off those most vulnerable. 

It’s time to think out of the box and understand the truth that modern technology and science brings with it.
Embrace the possibility of a clean and prosperous world without fear. To live without fear is to recognise it and understand where it came from, because most of us have been living in fear for years, but we just dealt with it.

I urge you to spend your valuable time educating yourself on the agenda of the corrupt politicians and corporate giants. It’s exhausting when you really look into it, and some stories that pop up are fake news, so you need to be aware of that. Liars are everywhere. Dig real deep, but once you know, you can never forget. They would have you believe that it is your fault that the climate is changing abnormally. They want you to feel guilty for what they have done, so they can fix you, and make you feel at one. 

It’s been way over a decade since I took a back seat in life, and let the universe, God, or the karma source of energy that deals with these issues, and can now recognise the over inflated ego of man. God knows, I used to have one. 
Do you think the planet that has grown, and evolved for billions of years, is under threat by a living being? I think not. More like the humanoid, just like the bee or the ant, has a specific purpose in creation. What we are, is what we are, and what we have become is a bunch of paranoid scaredy cats who will do anything to stay alive. Just as we were created to be. Look any deeper than that, and you may as well write off ten years and head to the mountains and deserts for deep self reflection. Or, just get on with it and do your best with what you face each day. Yesterday is history, and tomorrow might never come. All your focus should be on how best you can perform right now.

Natural disasters and weather systems are not under the rule or manipulation of the human ego, but yet have been successful in destroying continents in moments. These disasters were not at the hand of a man, scientist, dictator or a monarch. These devastating Laws of Nature, timed perfectly, to do what they always do. We should fear this threat more than the consequences of man. To better our world, we all have to stick together against these corrupt and sexual deviant leaders and get them in jail.

We need to wake up, and work as a world united within our countries, with common sense at the helm, and outlaw the spin and lies.
It is not yet out of our possibility to find peace. For the first time in mankind’s history, we can communicate to every corner of the earth. We have proven it over millennia that the task to unite the world had been impossible. The world is ruled by angry and disillusioned souls, who lead with their own agendas so they can secure their next generations. They think like that, but they lock most of us working people into paying the bills, and having a well-earned break overseas, and don’t think about three generations down the line like the Rockefella’s and the Rothschild’s. 

Social media has made it possible in this current day to educate masses. Even those who cannot read and write can learn online. Respect nature and lose the notion it is man’s role to contain it. Sure, recycle, pay attention to your environment, work hard to stop pollution, BUT don’t feel guilty for the trillionaire and billionaires who profit by your hard work. Don’t feel guilty because you have nice clothes, or like to watch TV, and play your games on your computer, or talk to your friends overseas. The corporations are the ones polluting the earth with their greed and lust for more.
Let them find the solutions and bear the guilt for their greed and manipulation!

There are more ants “destroying” the earth than there are humans, but yet, in the year 2019, we can now understand why the cultivation of the earth has to happen. It’s unfortunate that our gardens are on the pathways of zillions of ants. Thanks to science, and looking back through time, and understanding the purpose of ants and the bees, the mosquito and frogs, we can understand their purpose. By looking back in hindsight, we have been able to work out the purpose of these pests to the human, but yet essential living organisms of the ecosystem.

Mosquitos have more success in keeping human population under control than man. However, mans lust for war has been nothing but a hindrance to the people of the world since recorded history. The earth, ocean and sky will never suffer a fatality. It’s far too intelligent and even when it seems to be dead, it will find away to live again. Bushfires, Tsunami’s… need I say anymore. Even nuclear energy will be transformed into something outstanding, but it might take 10,000 years to get there. But get there it will.

People who say we need to “control the population” sound like the muppets who thought they were on the right path too. Like Meo Zedong (1943-1976 killed 78 million), Genghis Khan (13 Century killed 40 million), Stalin (1922 -1953 killed 23 million), Hitler (1934 - 1945 killed 17 million), Leopold II of Belgium (1865 - 1909 killed 15 million), Hideki Tojo (1941 - 1944 killed 5 Million).

All of those smart blokes make Pol Pots (1963 - 1981) killing of 1.7 million people look like he was a petty serial killer. The world’s population is growing. There can be no doubt in that fact. The answer is not to kill millions of men and women and by destroying generations. It’s more simple than that. Stop waging war on the innocent! Use these resources, and the youthful energy of your nations to restore our world and collectively prepare for our future generations. Together.
Breed at your will.… have no fear.
The big bad earth, the weather systems, and the same super intelligence that creates arteries, hearts, livers, skin and the energy that drives it all. Are far more in control than a bunch of self inflated fat blokes in suits frightening the world into thinking our hard-working people are to blame. We, humanity, may have the means to create, but we are not the engineer that creates and manifests life. We do however have the means to destroy it.
Those who are destroying family values and sending our men, and now women to war want us all destroyed and ripped off the planet. Those who control the wealth and who are in power, above the law, have decided their only way forward is to rid the world of the weak and aged. They are the ones who are interbreeding, an act proven to cause disease and famine, create wars and poverty. Look deeper into who rules the money, who funds the wars, who creates diseases and who controls the narrative and don’t get caught up in this fear mongering from those who want you dead.  
They are Amoral; they mean you know good and they feed you nonsense through your TV and fake news, fake science and fear-mongering. This is not new and has been going on since the days of slavery, and way before that. There is plenty of space, just no resources, because the ones who hold all the money and all the power are not your friend, nor are they loyal to you.
Look away from the busy cities and high taxes that you pay, and for once in your life, judge the leaders that rule you.
Don’t take for granted that they have your well being as their top priority. Be brave and act like a reporter, asking hard questions, like, how long has that Cardinal being raping children? Why is the Bush and Clintons families being tied to Epstein? Why has Prince Andrew done what he has done and why has Harry bailed the Royal Family with his new baby? How many sexual criminals operate from Westminster and where do those tentacles lead? Why is the police guilty of covering the crimes of Jimmy Savile and why was the Westminster Paedophile Dossier hidden by Leon Brittan in 1983? 

When you are petrified, have been sexually abused as a child, standing up against these very powerful people leads to certain death. So it would seem anyways. I will do another report on all the deaths relating to power families.

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To all of those who haven’t thought like this before, there is no point now being angry and demanding justice. you will only alienate yourself. When I found out about this dark world 10 years ago, I tried to tell everyone and to my great surprise, I was shut down at every start point. So, I lay low, and gathered as much information as I could. I no longer get anxious and have nightmares. You are being fed a who load of shit people. 
There is more than enough land and resources for a hundred billion people, there is no leadership in the world who has the courage to step up and be accountable to the current state of this world. They built dynasties on the faith of a higher Divinity. Kings were Kings because they are the protectors of the earth until their God returns.
So while many think God means nothing… it means everything to them.
This is their truth. This modern world has long forgotten this. Ask the Queen of England, the Head of the Church of England. If Her Majesty could freely speak, she would tell you all about this, but she can’t because a long time ago, her ancestors sold out to the government because the Kings of our history were incapable of ruling with grace. 

POWER killed humanity… BUT, it will never kill the planet. That is just an absurd theory that so many people have become to believe and spread the fear to their kin, and anyone else who is easy to manipulate. 
War needs to stop - that’s the truth. 
Our children need protection from the evil men and women of this world who lust after their innocence. That is the truth. They send our men and women to war in the prime of their life, and those who make it back become shells of themselves because of the disgusting acts of war. Then when they come back, they may face the possibility of life in prison because of a moment of weakness in battle. The whole system is dangerous and unworkable.

Think about it. When you were a child and someone was telling you a long-term lie like the tooth fairy existed or that Santa Claus comes down the chimney. Or even better, God is a cartoon in the sky. When you find out the truth, you’re devastated, but over time you get used to it and then we do the same with our kids.  

This is an adult reality that most people prefer to not face and brush under the carpet. However, that just makes these fuckers more bold and gives them, once again, a grey area where they can seek and destroy children’s innocence and their lives. Creating wars and chaos is what they are best at. They have the power and money to do what they want, legally and illegally, in counter to them being accused of crimes against children.

Wait and see what happens now that Epstein is dead and Weinstein in jail. There will be a Great Distraction and I Am sure you will all be part of it, following with fear, and doing what it is you have been told to do. All in the name of creating a safer world. 

There are enough resources on this planet to feed 100 billion people.
This planet will not die because of man’s ego… you might! But the planet will remain.

Relax… the planet will not perish in twelve years. You might, I might, but mankind will still be here.



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