The Benefits of Boxing Training for Older Adults

In the boxing gym we know the benefits and need not remind ourselves too much. However, for those who have yet to experience the boxing family, I highly recommend every man, woman and child get amongst it in your local community. in this video we have attached we interview Pedro (61) and Billy (47) who have been boxing training with the RAW MC for a while now. Each progressing at their own pace, but loving every minute of it.

Boxing training is a challenge for anyone. Getting out and learning how to box like Pedro at the age of 61 is rare, but not unheard of. During a hectic lifestyle as a scuba instructor, he knows the balance that is required to keep in the game, which is predominately overrun with young people. Billy us an underwater filmmaker and photographer and has been using boxing training to keep himself strong physically and mentally. 

We could go on and on why this is the best training in the world, but the video says it all...

Here's the link: Three Wise Men Talk Boxing Training in 2019

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