Are you ready to rumble in the jungle?

Well are you?  And don’t look to your left or right…I’m asking you directly, ‘are YOU ready to rumble in the jungle?’

What it is exactly that you need to be ready for is yours and yours alone. If you were standing in front of me however,  I profoundly would exclaim, ‘Get Ready for Your Life baby, life!!!

We have a ritual on our matts. Our preparation begins with putting on your hand wraps, then grabbing your space in the gym to warmup, which consists of  3 x 3 minute rounds of skipping/ shadowboxing or on the bike.  The Warm Up is the most important stage of training and the Raw Art Warriors view this as the focus phase, which should be meditative and relaxing.

As the boxers, competitive and not, are leaving their worries at the door and our ancient ritual allows us to become mentally and physically prepared for the session ahead. The world is a complex and complicated place where there are constant distractions, fears and temptations. We have no place for these things in our boxing gym. We rely on focus, determination, courage, self discipline and honour and respect. When the club is open and boxers present, the game is on. 

It’s that fortitude of mind, body and spirit that we need to be READY.

Life doesn’t miss any of us, good or bad, and it’s a lot easier dealing with situations as they appear than worry about them potentially arriving. 



Are you Ready to get up and be there for you?

Are you Ready to face yourself in the mirror and make peace with the opponent you see?

Are you Ready for a change out of your comfort zone?



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