What’s love got to do with it?

What’s love got to do with it?
Everything, for without love there is no passion and without passion there is no drive to realise your dreams or potential.
Passion comes in all forms and for us our passion is boxing, end of.
For anyone who is chasing their dreams I salute you, I am sure you have realised it’s not an easy direction to take. The road is wrought with uncertainty, challenges and sometimes massive setbacks. But deep down you know it’s worth it.
For the past 4 years we have been building the R.A.W. Warriors Boxing club. A community has arisen out of this zeal, that is loyal, hardoworking and dedicated to their learning of the sweet science and along the way their fitness exploded.
The support of these men and woman has been overwhelming as they have watched us have some setbacks, a wee kick up the ass and led us to the destination of our own Boxing Company.
I have always said, ‘Change happens quickly and when it does hold on.’
There is also the saying, ‘buy the worst property on the best street.’
So we did, because this street holds the soul of a boxer, it has a RING!!
This isn’t any ordinary RING, for it is steeped in history. It has been our sparring ring for years as we communly shared it with our Muay Thai Trainers. It has seen Monsoons, sweat, broken noses and all shapes, sizes and crede face their demons. And now it is ours.
But she is a little tired, the rain has steeped into her bones and this has led us to stripping her back and renewing her once charming graces. The RING is the hearbeat of any boxing gym, practice all day on the bags and the pads absolutely, but something happens to your spirit when you walk onto her canvas.
Your senses heighten as you walk up her stairs and bend to slide thru her ropes, you feel her canvas slightly hover over your skin as you enter the square and feel the slight wobble of the floor bend to your weight. This is where Warriors are made and sometimes broken.
All that you have learned before in your training on the matts seems to have disappeared as you are told to go to your corner. Even remembering how to breathe becomes an almost insane task. This is not for the faint hearted, this is an arena of strong willed, mentally astute individuals who’s only mission is to take you down. Ok, that part excites me!!
And this brings me back to the love and passion. We are taking her apart, one nail, one board, one canvas at a time and this requires deep love and dedication. But the best days will always be remembered at this time, when a community came together and washed the canvas down to her bare bones to build her back up to her fighting glory.
‘Will it be easy…Nope. Will it be worth it…absolutely!
Here’s to those that are following their love, passion and dreams. If you want some inspiration follow us as we build our dream one stair at a time and if anything we can be the motivation for each other as we’ll always be here waiting for you on the matts.
ation for each other as we’ll always be here waiting for you on the matts.

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