The Warrior Creed, doctrine of a fighter.

The warrior is strong, yet his sleep is fragile. His wisdom, an amalgamation of precedent, yet his decisions cannot be based on the frailties of man. He is rather fuelled by divine inspiration ascending from the heart. He knows not anger and only fears the unknown.

The warrior does not judge, for his true assignment is to deliver evidence of superior behaviour to the creator of all men.

The warrior does not dream of frontiers. He only sees horizons.

The warrior is a creature of irony, for his genuine task is to ensure peace.

The true warrior knows, accepts, and embraces above all, integrity, which is his course of life; reason, and the application of reason, which is his only weapon; and forgiveness, the one true cleansing virtue.

And only when one can fully absorb these most divine of all virtues can one at last see how impossible and futile it is to make war.

Eubank Sr. 2017-08-26 mayweather vs macgregor

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