Foundations of Boxing - Bread and Butter

The Bread & Butter of Boxing is the Foundations


Some people call it the fundamentals, and others the basics. I call it the FOUNDATIONS of BOXING


When you train with the RAW MC we  prove to you, there’s nothing basic about the foundations of boxing.


My name is Coach Denny Denholm, and as of 2023, I am a fifty-year-old boxing trainer, who’s been around the Sweet Science of boxing for forty of those years. I started writing notes on what I was learning in the gym fourteen years ago, as side-notes, as I embarked on my new career as a boxing trainer.


I established the Bible of Boxing was for the benefit of other boxing trainers and coaches, active, and aspiring fighters, and the professionals in the fitness industry. Over the years, I have shared some of these notes to grandpas who were  teaching their grandkids; mums to help calm their children, and every boxer, and client who've trained with me. They all tell me it helped a lot, which has inspired me to share it with you now. In fact a great friend of mine, Pete Phillips, an MMA fighters and BJJ coach called it an OSD piece of work with everything you will ever need to know about striking. As a former commando, I do like to make sure we leave no stone unturned as we go into combat.


I teach the professional style of boxing. This is due to my progression from the amateurs and my understanding that kids, adults, anyone, who is learning to fight, should learn from the pro's. There's no point in waiting to you get to that level. Learn it now and don't mess around. As a pro coach, I am focussed on bringing on athletes who compete in fights with 6 or more rounds. There's a big difference in how you train for 3x3 minute rounds as an amateur, compared to training professional boxers for  6-8, or 12x3 minute rounds. Pro boxing is all about self-discipline, patience, energy conservation, precision, and being calm and focussed amid chaos, for a maximum of thirty-six minutes.


The content in the Bible of Boxing-Volume One-The Foundations, is what I teach amateurs boxers who are turning pro, new members to my club, fitness enthusiasts, and now that you're here-you. No matter whether you are a professional boxer, or just starting out with amateur ambitions. You'll need to have a solid stance and defence, good rhythm and timing, accurate punches and smooth movement. Learning how the pro’s do it can only further advance experience and knowledge, which will boost your boxing IQ as an amateur, and gym junky.  I have a lot to teach, but before we start, you must know how it works in my boxing club, so you set high standards right now.


No boxer can progress through into advanced boxing, sparring, competing, and no trainer can hold pads in my gym, until they have read, and understood this training manual. Without this foundation of knowledge, they will be a danger to themselves and others. Over the past thirteen-years, I’ve been editing, up-dating, and improving my writing skills, as I learned more in the gym. What I’m teaching is no secret. But it’s just hard to explain when the club is hustling, and forty boxers want a piece of you. Boxing coaches don’t have a lot of time in the gym for a chatting, we wish we could, but we’re too busy. We don’t focus on one person; we share our energy with many.


So, let’s not waste any time and get stuck right it and talk about fighting spirit. Yours, mine, and everyone else who is going to master the courage to live amongst the boxing fraternity.



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